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    About Quantex Lighting group

    QUANTEX LIGHTING GROUP is a professional lighting factory founded in 1984 in Europe specialized in LED lighting design, research & development, and manufacturing. With more than 500 workers. Quantex Lighting Group is a subsidiary of Quantex Global Group a Multinational manufacturer of top quality
    As one of the most professional lighting factories, we have the best engineers and product developing team. There are more than 10 people in this team,
    working in LED driver, SMD, product designs and mold. What we are doing is more than assembling, we make the designs, open the mold, produce the
    housing and doing the assembling all by ourselves. There are, SMD workshop, CNC workshop, stamping workshop, reflector workshop, LGP and diffuser
    workshop and assembling workshop which cooperate with each other to finish the whole productions. We have professional machines workshops, such as
    Integrating sphere, Laser cutting machine, CNC machines, and aging lines. The most professional machines plus the best researching and developing team,
    assure that we could work highly efficiency from the developing, testing until final assembling.
    Quantex Lighting Factory working place are more than 10,000m2 in 2 Location this make us always leading the market, Quantex Lighting Group have more than 20 patents of the product function and appearance. Unique design, favorable and stable quality, competitive prices make our products hot sold in both home market and overseas markets.